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Voting for Special Election Primary for House District 114

The League of Women Voters challenges any efforts which limit the ability of voters to exercise their right to vote.

When the LWVMD brought the concern of the limited number and location of early voting sites to the attention of the Supervisor of Elections, Ms. Christina White, for the Special Election Primary, Florida House District 114, we were advised that "Coral Gables was considered the northern site.  However, after much discussion on the matter, the West Flagler branch library will be added as a fourth site for the General."

The LWVMD is pleased that the Supervisor of Elections has determined that this fourth site will be added to the early voting polling places for the General Election in November 2018. However, with this addition for the General Election, it would appear that this area of District 114 was not well represented with polling place locations for the Special Election Primary, and as a result, voter turnout for the primary election may be impacted.