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Demand Action on Gun Safety NOW

We have three weeks left in this legislative session. The time is now for our lawmakers to act to protect the residents and visitors of our state.


On Wednesday, February 14, our state and community were ravaged once again by a mass shooting. There have already been several incidents across the nation in 2018.

Because the 2018 Florida Legislature is still in session, we have a unique opportunity to effect real change NOW.

Senate Bill 196 by Sen. Linda Stewart is currently sitting in Chairman Senator Greg Steube's Senate Judiciary Committee. We call on Sen. Steube to place SB 196 on the agenda for the committee's next scheduled committee hearing on February 20, 2018.

Please call Senator Steube at: (850) 487-5023 and email him at: Steube.Greg@flsenate.gov and ask him to schedule a hearing for Senate Bill 196, which would ban assault weapons like the deadly AR-15.

We also continue to call on our representatives to request that the Legislature hear Senate Bill 196 and House Bill 219 by Rep. Carlos Guillermo Smith, which would ban semiautomatic assault weapons and large capacity magazines in Florida.

In the wake of the carnage at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High, we have witnessed the heart-wrenching funerals of innocent students and heroic staff members—and heard the passionate pleas and outspoken demands from the classmates who survived—their voices joined by those of young people around the country—to our elected officials: Do your job to keep the people you represent safe.

Time and time again these tragedies are met with thoughts, prayers, and then inaction from lawmakers.

After every such incident, they say that “now is not the time” to discuss steps that could be taken to diminish this steady toll of death and destruction.

We at the League of Women Voters of Florida and LWVMD believe that it is high time for that conversation—and for real action.

Semiautomatic assault weapons — like the AR-15 used at the mass shooting in Parkland —are weapons of war that have no business in the hands of civilians. Our children have the right to attend school—and all of us have the right to attend church, the movies, concerts, and other activities—without the fear of gun violence. 

We have three weeks left in this legislative session. The time is now for our lawmakers to act to protect the citizens and visitors of our state.