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Support LWVMD on Give Miami Day, November 15!

The 2018 Election is winding down--but our efforts most certainly are not.

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Give Miami Day is coming up on November 15 -- and with it, a great way to strengthen your support of the League of Women Voters of Miami-Dade County. During this 24-hour day of giving, any contribution above $25 made to LWVMD will be partially matched by The Miami Foundation.

Among our many accomplishments this Election season:

  • We populated vote411.org with information about the candidates

  • We provided more than 50 presentations to various community groups about the Florida Constitution and Miami-Dade Charter ballot amendments.

  • We organized five Parties at the Polls in locations from North Miami to Homestead.

  • We helped spur the creation of early voting locations on college campuses, record midterm turnout in Miami-Dade, and the reinstatement of voting rights for more than 1.4 disenfranchised Floridians through the successful passage of Ballot Amendment #4.

With the 2019 Florida Legislative Session in view, the urgent priorities we want our elected representatives to address, and campaigns and issues for the 2020 Election already in the works, we are just getting started.

LWVMD is an all-volunteer organization that does amazing things with a very limited budget. So please include LWVMD in your Give Miami Day philanthropic giving--and know that every dollar will be devoted to protecting democracy and protecting voters!