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LWVMD Positions on Miami-Dade County Charter Amendments

In addition to the Florida Constitutional Amendments on this year’s ballot, voters in Miami-Dade County will have 7 County Charter Amendments to vote on. Below are explanations as well as LWVMD’s position on each Charter Amendment.

  1. Nonpartisan Election of the Clerk of Court  

    This amendment would move the Clerk of Court race from being nonpartisan (currently partisan). The League does not take a position as to whether races should be partisan or not. LWVMD has no position.

  2. County Appointed Officials and Employees Running for Office 

    This amendment changes the requirement to resign if elected to office from all offices (i.e., federal, state, county, municipal) to just County offices. The League supports the ability of citizens to run for elective office. LWVMD supports a Yes Vote.

  3. Review of Initiatory Positions

    County voters have the right to petition the County government if a sufficient number of voters sign the petition. This amendment requires that the county approve the language on a petition in advance. There was a 2006 petition that obtained sufficient signatures but was then kicked out based on a legal review. The League supports this commonsense position that makes the petition process more efficient and effective.  LWVMD supports a Yes Vote.

  4. Regarding Election of County Commissioners and Mayor

    This amendment is a cleanup change. The Charter currently requires a run-off election even if the other party has died, withdrawn or been disqualified.  The League supports this amendment, which brings the charter in line with the practice of not having run-off elections when there is no opposition (due to withdrawal, disqualification or death).  LWVMD supports a Yes Vote.

  5. Prohibiting Certain Payments Circulators of Initiatory Petitions 

    This amendment would prohibit per-signature payments on petition collections. The League supports this amendment because per-signature payments are more likely to produce fraud.  LWVMD supports a Yes Vote.

  6. Incorporation of a portion of Northeast Miami-Dade County 

    Only voters in the affected area will see this question. The League urges each voter to consider the benefits and burdens on incorporation. LWVMD has no position.

  7. School Board Referendum 

    The League supports this additional funding for our public schools.  LWVMD supports a Yes Vote.   

In addition to these amendments voters in the City of Miami will also be asked:

Miami Strong Mayor – The League prefers that a government be headed by trained professional public administrators who appoints her team and the managers/directors are not connected to elected officials. LWVMD supports a No Vote.