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Action needed immediately to save DACA

We don’t have a lot of time. Reports are circulating that the Trump administration could end DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) as early as TODAY. Can you call your representatives in Congress right now and urge them to defend DACA? Click here to make a call and then report back on how it went.

For the last five years, DACA has allowed nearly 800,000 Dreamers -- immigrant youth who have only known America as home -- the chance to come out of the shadows. These are young people whose only crime was a desire to attend school, build their careers, support their families, and contribute to their communities.

They are our friends, our family members, our neighbors, and our colleagues. And they are the living embodiment of what it means to achieve the American dream. These kids have received an education through our public school system and DACA finally allows them the opportunity to give back by becoming productive members of our communities. 

Now we’re watching in real time as their futures are being ripped out from underneath them.

Right now, activists are mobilizing in D.C. for an emergency rally outside the White House. But if you can’t get to Washington, you can still take action to defend our immigrant youth. Click here to call your representatives now.


In League,



Pamela Goodman

President, LWV Florida