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Want to be a better citizen?

The Fourth of July is always a time for barbecues, family and friends, fireworks, and a moment to reflect on our great American democracy and the freedom we treasure.

This year, we are all very aware of many threats and grave concerns to our democracy, including the hacking of our election information systems, the very bedrock of our democracy. However, on the Fourth, there remains much to celebrate and much to do to continue protecting our freedom.

Democracy depends on not only fair elections but an engaged electorate. For democracy to work, people must show up!

There is no shortage of ways for citizens to get involved: If you live in Florida Senate District 40, meet the candidates and learn where they stand on the issues by attending the Candidate Forum on July 12 at Miami-Dade College Kendall campus.

Sign a petition to reinstate ex-felons’ rights; help advocate for equal pay for women and attend activities to protect our environment.

Be sure your voice is heard and go vote. Our community benefits when everyone participates.

Susan Windmiller, President, League of Women Voters

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