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LWVMD Partners with The Cleo Institute on Climate Change

The League of Women Voters of Miami-Dade County is partnering with The CLEO Institute to help connect the dots between climate change and voting! Each of us should certainly try to lower our carbon footprint as individuals through conscious consumption and implementing renewable energies. However, until our elected officials make climate change mitigation and adaptation a priority in Florida, we're not going to have real impact. 

Addressing Climate Change in 2018

2018 is a big election year for Florida, and in many ways our state is ground zero for climate change issues.

What many do not realize is that other top issues, such as national security, economy and jobs, immigration, healthcare, and public safety, are all connected to climate change. The LWVMD looks forward to working with CLEO to raising awareness among voters and candidates about the importance of addressing climate change.

Among its many activities, CLEO conducts training sessions designed to help attendees understand how all of these issues are connected--and why climate change must be recognized and addressed as a serious threat to Florida by all our 2018 candidates.

The CLEO Institute will conduct climate training for the League on February 24 at the Center for Social Change. 

For more information about The CLEO Institute, click here.