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Say NO to FPL

FPL Wants to Bill YOU to Clean Up Our Water

Florida Power & Light (FPL) operates a 10-square-mile cooling canal system for two aging Turkey Point reactors. Due to the porous geology of south Florida, water from the unlined canals has leached underground and contaminated water spreading westward in the Biscayne Aquifer—the sole drinking water source for Miami-Dade County and the Keys—and eastward into Biscayne National Park.

FPL should have known for decades that its cooling canals were contaminating our drinking water. However, it did nothing.

Last year, FPL entered into a “consent order” with the Florida Dept. of Environmental Protection for a plan to clean up its mess after FPL violated its permit by contaminating the drinking water aquifer. The cleanup will cost over $200 million.

Meanwhile, FPL made record profits last year AND has been granted a rate hike to recover over $1 billion from customers due to storm damage last fall. Now FPL wants its customers to pay for the cleanup. The price tag will include yet more profits for FPL and its shareholders – if the company gets its way at the Florida Public Service Commission.

The Florida Pubic Service Commission will render a final decision December 12

Take Action

FPL customers should not have to pay for FPL’s mistakes! If you’re an FPL customer, don’t miss your opportunity to have your voice heard. Please click here for a preformatted letter you can send to your representatives.