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Vote for Solar - Vote YES on 4


If you agree with the League of Women Voters of Florida that clean solar energy makes SENSE in Florida, I urge you to stand up for solar in Florida next month and vote YES on Amendment 4 in AUGUST, (and NO in NO-vember).

Developing solar power is important for Florida's economy because it creates local jobs, protects against rising power bills, reduces our reliance on dirty energy and keeps our energy dollars at home.

Amendment 4, unlike the utility-funded solar amendment (Amendment 1) that will be on the ballot in November, is decidedly pro-solar. Amendment 4 will exempt renewable energy devices, including rooftop solar, from several burdensome taxes for a 20-year period. These added costs could destroy the economics of going solar.

By voting YES in AUGUST on Amendment 4, you will make it easier for families and businesses to take advantage of the sun's abundant energy, not harder.

Currently, Florida sends billions of dollars out of state for fuels like coal and natural gas. By taking advantage of free clean energy from the sun, we can keep this money in Florida and support local jobs and businesses. 

Check out the election guide for Florida Amendments.