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The League of Women Voters of Florida has created an online voting tool, Vote411.org, that provids voters with voting information that is customized for you based on your address. It includes responses from candidates for a wide range of positions to a series of questions about the reasons for their candidacy and their positions, presented exactly as we received them.

The 2018 Election ballot for residents of Florida and Miami-Dade County contains not only choices for candidates for elected office, but numerous initiatives that, if approved, would be enshrined in the Florida Constitution. Several of the ballot issues proposed for amendments to the Florida Constitution are bundled together, making it important that you evaluate ALL of the proposals and their implications. There are also several items on the county ballots. In addition, residents of several Miami-Dade municipalities have their own ballot issues to address.

You can find detailed information about the Florida ballot amendment issues at lwvflorida.org/amendments. LWVMD will also soon publish additional information about the county charter issues that will appear in the ballots of Miami-Dade voters.

LWVMD volunteers are making several presentations in the weeks leading up to Election Day for local community and nonprofit organizations that would like to help clarify these issues for their members. If you are a member of an organization that would like to schedule one of these presentations, please contact info@lwvmiamidade.org with your request: The name of your organization and website of your organization; your requested venue, date, and time; and contact info. We will respond as quickly as possible.

Thank you for your dedication to protecting democracy and empowering voters!