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LWV Miami-Dade Positions

About LWV Positions

The League of Women Voters empowers people every day to tackle the most important issues facing our communities and to improve government. It is the League’s core belief that democracy works best when its power lies in the hands of the people. Locally, we challenge obstacles to free, fair and accessible elections and advocate for public policies that reflect the needs of our communities. 

The League takes positions and advocates on select policy issues at local, state, and national levels after careful consideration by its members. Every member is encouraged to participate in a complete process of "study and action," from the adoption of a study, through the achievement of a consensus, to its ultimate conclusion with action.

League program and advocacy positions include issues facing Florida and the Unites States as a whole, such as government, education, justice, social policy, sustainability and natural resources.  Furthermore, the Miami-Dade League has studied and achieved consensus on relevant and timely local issues such as the form of local government, local services, land use in the county, and amendments to the county charter.

Local League Positions

Local Government

  • Support of local government which is efficient and economical, with competent personnel, the clear assignment of responsibility and adequate financing.

The Charter

  • Support of a county charter that conforms to League positions.
  • Proposed charter amendments should be placed on the ballot either by a resolution adopted by the County Commission or by petition. The Florida Legislature should not be given the authority to place proposed Charter amendments on the Miami-Dade County ballot.

County Commission

  • Support of a representative Commission which is elected by the people in nonpartisan elections.
  • Support of staggered terms for County Commissioners.
  • Support of removal of specific figure for salaries from the charter, with salaries set as recommended by state scale.
  • The County Commission should have the power to organize itself. The Chairperson should be selected by the County Commission. Committees of the Commission should be established by the Commission, and committee members selected by the Commission.

The Budget

  • Support of formal mechanisms for citizen input into the Dade County budget prior to printing of the proposed budget document.

Initiative, Referendum and Recall

  • Support of a uniform base for signatures on initiative, referendum and recall petition.
  • Support of a higher percentage of signatures on recall petitions than on initiative and referendum petitions. Support of procedures for recall requiring:
    • A statement of grounds on the petition;
    • A statement of grounds and a rebuttal on the ballot.
  • Opposition to recall during the first year and the last six months of a commissioner’s term.


  • Support of a county-wide library system.


  • Support of mass transportation which acts as a tool to improve the quality of urban life by protecting the environment and providing access to housing, including:
  • Support of a balanced, unified transportation system.

Land Use

  • Support of Comprehensive Master Land Use Plan based on equitable, realistic, comprehensive and flexible criteria including:
  • Support of a planning process that ensures governmental coordination, citizen input, and up-dating and enforcement.
  • Support of planning in which population growth and distribution are constrained by the ability of the ecosystem to support that growth while at the same time maintaining a quality of life beneficial to the total community.
  • Support of planning policies which encourage and give priority to redevelopment and/or upgrading of existing areas and neighborhoods.
  • Support of Urban Development Boundary line in effect on June 14, 2005.