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Are you eligible to vote? Check your current status and sign up now. Ensure you meet all eligibility requirements and documentation.

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Enter your personal details and review your voter information. You can also request to change your voter registration information.


The League of Women Voters’ Vote411 service provides personalized voter information, including candidates’ responses to questions about where they stand on the issues, for elections throughout Miami-Dade County, including municipal races. We invite you to share the link with family members and friends who are residents of Miami-Dade.

Sample Ballot

Prepare yourself in advance of the upcoming election. View your sample ballot.

REquest & Track Absentee Ballot

Vote from the convenience of home. Have your personal information available to request and track your absentee ballot.

Know Where to vote

Find your nearest polling place and early voting locations. Check out Miami-Dade County's Be Election Ready site for more details.

find your district 

Not sure which district you're in? Find out here using your full (9 digit) zip code. Once you know you can Contact Your Representatives