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Bay Harbor Islands Voter Guide

Bay Harbor Islands has Council-Manager government.   The Town Council consists of seven individuals. Elected at large, each member of the Town Council is elected by the voters of the town to serve a four-year term. These terms are staggered so that only a portion of the Town Council is up for election each year.

The Town of Bay Harbor Islands will hold its annual municipal election on Tuesday, April 10th, to fill one seat on the Town Council for a term ending in 2020. All residents who are registered voters can vote at the Town Hall (9665 Bay Harbor Terrace) on Election Day between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. to cast votes to fill the elective seat. 


Town Council



  • Why are you running for office and what qualities, training, experience and skills do you bring to this position?

I am running for re-election because I feel strongly that there is more I wish to accomplish on our Town Council.  As someone who worked professionally in government administration, I am knowledgeable of how to make government work for residents and all those that visit our Town.  As the only person to serve as Mayor and attend our local public school, Bay Harbor Elementary, I am uniquely qualified to continue to be a good steward.  My family has lived in Bay Harbor for 64 years, spanning four generations.

Since being elected, I have accomplished the following on our Council:

  • Sponsored the Senior Homestead Exemption
  • Sponsored the PACE Program for energy efficient upgrades to homes, buildings & businesses
  • Sponsored the Town’s first electrical vehicle (EV) station in our public parking lot
  • Sponsored the Town’s first bike sharing program (Citibike)
  • Sponsored legislation to move Good & Welfare to the beginning of Council Meetings
  • Sponsored a domestic partnership ordinance to provide equal rights for all Town staff
  • Sponsored the agreement to share Miami Shores’ Aquatic Center with our residents
  • Voted for the creation of a new community center
  • Negotiated the creation of a County public library within our Community Center
  • Sponsored the agreement to create a new skate park in Haulover
  • Proposed the funding source for the creation of 98th Street Park
  • Sponsored the naming of 98th Street Park after Officer Scott A. Winters, who was killed in the line of duty, sponsored the creation of an artificial turf field and also lowered the cost of renting the pavilion to residents
  • Sponsored the Town’s green walking paths on East & West Bay Harbor Drive
  • Sponsored the Town’s first Sustainable Building Program
  • Sponsored the creation of a public shower along the beach to be primarily used by residents who walk to the ocean
  • Co-sponsored the ban on conversion therapy in Bay Harbor

In addition, I am the incoming President of the Miami-Dade League of Cities and serve on the Board of Directors of the Florida League of Cities as well as Vice Chair of the Town’s Litigation Committee.  I am a former Chair of the Town’s Charter & Ordinance Review Committee and the Parks & Recreation Committee as well as numerous other boards and committees.

  • What are the 3 most important issues facing your community? For each concern, how do you propose to mitigate/improve/resolve the issue?

Protecting the quality of life of residents while construction projects occur within the Town.

As one of the first members of the Bay Harbor Islands Citizens Coalition, I was active in getting a height restriction of 75 feet on all buildings placed in our Town Charter.  I continue to be an advocate of likeminded legislation to help create a balance between the rights of property owners that wish to develop and the rights of those that currently live in Bay Harbor.  Increased setbacks and approving the Town’s Noise Ordinance are examples of ordinances I have supported.  In the future I would like to see more enforcement of construction workers when it comes to leaving trash, changing clothes and parking cars within the Town’s boundaries.

Maintaining a safe community.

While Bay Harbor Islands is one of the safest communities in Florida we are all aware of tragedies like Parkland and how bad things can happen in great places.  I support additional resources, either from Miami-Dade County Public Schools or from cost sharing between Bay Harbor and our neighboring municipalities that within the feeder pattern, for a fulltime school resource officer (SRO) for Ruth K. Broad Bay Harbor K-8 Center.  I also support a motor program and obtaining a police dog trained to detect illegal narcotics.  I also am aware and wish to have our community deal with the rise in bullying, both on and off the school campus.

Increasing programming for all residents.

While I strongly supported the new Morris N. Broad Community Center and negotiated the creation of the new County library, we need to offer more programming for all residents.  Additional tutoring for school age children, changing the time of the Community Center and library to be open later on certain nights and lowering the cost of some programs to ensure that everyone, regardless of age, interest or economic ability can enjoy the services within our Town.



  • Why are you running for office and what qualities, training, experience and skills do you bring to this position?

I am running for office to bring fresh ideas and change to how our town is governed. I went to Beach High and graduated from Duke University, and the University of Florida College of Law. I am a retired labor and employment attorney who represented cities in private practice and later worked in the legal department of Albertsons and directed human resources for Walmart's Florida region.

  • What are the 3 most important issues facing your community? For each concern, how do you propose to mitigate/improve/resolve the issue?
  1. The Quality of Life in our town is in the balance. Increased traffic, lack of parking, and the impacts of ever-present and never-ending construction in our community are affecting all of the great aspects of our town that brought us here in the first place.  Better long term strategic planning and creative solutions should be explored.  Toll discounts for residents (with increases for non-residents) and school boundary enforcement may help with traffic.  One way streets along the perimeters of the east island should also be considered, along with the hiring of our very own town planner.  
  2. A culture of questionable ethics.  Electrical contracts without bids, a bridge repair that came in $7M over budget, and developers and contractors building beyond the scope of approved plans without consequence are some of the issues we have that impact ethics and good governance. Our Mayor has legally accepted thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from town vendors and developers conducting business in town. This needs to stop.
  3. No diversity of opinion on town council. I support putting the question of council member term limits on the next ballot.